Doctors Pull 4-Foot Snake Out of Russian Woman’s Throat

  • “Why did it have to be snakes?” asked Indiana Jones. This lady probably shares the sentiment.

Yesterday we covered a story about two huge pythons crashing in through an Australian man’s ceiling. But what’s that you’re saying? That doesn’t scare you, it’s just two snakes?

Oh, we got ourselves a tough guy, huh? Well, this next one should leave even the staunchest snake-lover squeamish.

For this story, we’re going over to Russia. A video recently emerged, showing doctors pulling a four-foot snake out of a woman’s throat.

The video shows an unidentified woman lying on a surgeon’s table, knocked out on anesthetics.

While this part is cut out in the linked video, news sources online say that the doctor begins the operation by stating: “Let’s what we got here.”

He inserts a long tube into the woman’s mouth and pushes it down her throat. Once convinced he’s found something, he begins to pull the tube out.

What comes out with it is nothing short of nightmare fuel. A full-grown snake, species unknown.

The nurse seen on the video seems to not like what’s happening either, as she recoils in horror. Screams of disgust can be heard from off-camera in the operating room.

The snake is placed into a green bucket. It’s not clear from the video whether it’s alive or dead, but it’s most definitely covered in her stomach acids.

This video ranks pretty high up on our list of “most grossness crammed into 20 seconds”.

Let me sssslither into something more comfortable. LIKE YOUR MOUTH!

A Living Sleeping Bag

At this point, we’re sure you’re wondering about the same thing that we are. How on Earth do you get a snake stuck that far down your throat? Is this some kind of snake-swallowing stunt gone horribly wrong or what’s going on?

Well, we’re not sure if we’re lucky or not, but we actually know what happened. The whole thing was an accident.

The woman, as reported by Yahoo News among others, had been sleeping out in the yard of her home in the village of Levashi, Republic of Dagestan, northwest Russia. When she woke up in the morning, she wasn’t feeling well at all and was taken to a hospital.

And that’s when the video happens. Apparently the snake had crawled into the woman’s mouth while she was sleeping.

Seriously, that’s the answer? That just brings up more questions!

Why did a snake decide to slither down her throat? Is this a case of an incredibly stupid snake or a very careless woman?

We don’t know what causes it, but Yahoo News writes that cases like this have happened before in Dagestan. They don’t come up every day, but they do happen.

In fact, they apparently happen often enough that locals have to take precautions. Local elders often warn young people not to sleep outside because of they could risk a snake making a home out of their esophagus.

Those have had this happen to them have complained about a feeling of having “something alive” inside them. Well, yeah, a snake!

News sources have asked Dagestan’s Ministry of Health for comment, but so far have received none.

Know what, we’ll go with the stupid snake theory. Imagine voluntarily stuffing yourself into the maw of something that’s, what, 20 times your size.

There just has to be something wrong.

A Parasite? We Hope Not

The case is so weird that some people have speculated that the thing the doctors pulled out of the woman might not be a snake at all. Yahoo News reports that some online commenters have speculated that it might actually be a parasite or some kind of a giant worm.

That would make sense, since it’s much more common for somebody to find a parasitic worm inside them instead of a snake. For example, doctors in China recently removed a worm from a 23-year-old man that had been living in his brain for 17 years.

The man in question first began experiencing numbness in his hands when he was six. He initially ignored the symptoms, as apparently numbness in extremities was something that ran in his family.

In 2015, he had lost feeling in the right half of his body. That’s when he finally decided to get some medical attention.

Lo and behold, in his head was a five-inch worm that had been happily munching on his brain tissue. Doctors aren’t sure how it got there, but this kind of worm is usually acquired through contaminated water or undercooked meat – from animals like snakes.

On August 25, they finally removed the worm from the man’s brain. Good on him.

We also some time back covered the case of Japanese woman getting a worm in her throat from sushi. So really, parasites aren’t all that uncommon.

The thing that came out of the Russian woman is way too big to be a parasite, though, so it probably is a snake.

Or at least that’s what we’re choosing to believe…