Dying Woman Asks Husband to “Sleep With Her Ex”: Part Two

Have you read Dying Woman Asks Husband to “Sleep With Her Ex”: Part One? Follow that link if you want to, because this is part two.

“She gave a whole monologue about how sex sometimes is just physical and how emotionally fulfilling sex is with me but it was bulls**t to get to that point.”

The man continued: “So now I’m left with this, deny my dying wife a wish for my own ego, or let her go f**k another man who she feels was better.”

“Honestly, I’m so p***ed off and betrayed that she asked this of me.”

“I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to say yes because she’s dying.” But does he? If your wife was a dying woman, what would you say?

“I know what I want to say, but I don’t know if that’s right. I’m so hurt that sex with an ex was apparently so good that she needs to do it once before she dies. I just hate everything about this.”

“I’m really not sure what to do.”

Reddit commenters were pretty petty when it came to their thoughts:

“If this is a real story, well then, just pack her stuff and let her live with her ex for the rest of her time,” one person said.

Another added: “Sorry but her illness is not an excuse to treat you like s**t. That is incredibly insulting to you and your relationship.”

Someone else also raged: “This seems like a very odd request to bring to you without any leg work or preparation.”

“That she would significantly risk blowing up her marriage and end of life companionship and care for sex with someone she isn’t in contact with and doesn’t know would still even entertain the thought of intimacy with her.”

Wild right? Certainly odd news. What would you do? Let me know what you think in the comments!