18 Hilarious But Sexy Camel Toe Fails

Oh, camel toes. It's a delicate subject, but someone had to bring it up. Sometimes, ladies, we need to realize that our pants and leggings are just too tight and they don't fit so we should just give up. Or be ready for the consequences.

Camel toe, so eloquently defined by Urban Dictionary as “when a woman’s pants are so tight or rolled up that you can see the shape of her p**** which looks like an actual camel’s toe.” In other words, the pants or shorts are contorted in such a manner that other people can’t help but stare at a woman’s nether region. Short of being naked, or, you know, wearing a neon sign with an arrow pointing to their lady bits, there’s no other way for a woman to draw eyeballs to her.

And sometimes camel toe can go really wrong. Like, it’s such a big deal that it’s more of an elephant toe-sized mistake. Here are just a few of the worst camel toe blunders we’ve seen. Enjoy. And just remember to look in the mirror before you go out or ask someone if you’re pulling the ultimate fashion faux pas.

1Camel Toe #1

UBER camel toe.

The swimsuit later died of asphyxiation. She’s halfway to being a porn star.

2Camel Toe #2

We're all familiar with the dangers of camel toe, but beware of its male counterpart, the moose knuckle.

The race he was about to compete in couldn’t possibly be any tighter than his crotch. By the looks of it, he’s transgender and doesn’t realize it yet.

3Camel Toe #3

Nice car.

This is almost as offensive as wearing aqua. She’d fit in better on the set of “Miami Vice.” All I can think looking at this is “Faster pussycat.”

4Camel Toe #4

Go for the gold. And then go to the locker room to put on something else. She finished her routine and the pommel horse lost its virginity.

5Camel Toe #5

Sure, there’s camel toe, but, hey, boobs. Look at all that leather. It’s not camel toe, as much as it is cow toe.

6Camel Toe #6

We dig this. Get it, dig? Like volleyball? Yeah, volleyball jokes are lame. She’s going to be finding sand in her for the next decade.

7Camel Toe #7

Even she can’t believe how ridiculous she looks. Just remember: you can walk out to the street in New York and find a dozen other camel toes that put this to shame quicker than the time it takes to nail a three-pointer.

8Camel Toe #8

Ms. Camel toe competition?

Perhaps the only thing that can captivate man’s attention more than camel toe is matching camel toe. You know how woman are. They’re all just sitting there thinking to themselves, “I can’t believe they wore the same thing.”

9Camel Toe #9

An internet classic.

Hmm, when you see that body part, a bird is not what comes to mind. This is the ideal place to start a conversation about the birds and wherever the heck the bees are.

10Camel Toe #10

Hot Wheels don’t usually come in such a tight package. She looks pretty cocksure.

11Camel Toe #11

The name of this team? Camel toe!

Let this be a lesson to everyone: never ride on a banana seat. When you’ve got this much red on your groin, you really ought to see a doctor.

12Camel Toe #12

2004 Olympic camel toe.

Those medals aren’t the only things they’re showing off for everyone to see. They got the gold for tightest package.

13Camel Toe #13

Oh, Kelly Ripa.

We’re not saying Ripa has a tough time keeping those around her to stay, but her camel toe left “Live!” a week after this photo was taken. Amazingly, her camel toe isn’t nearly as pronounced as the one Ryan Seacrest has.

14Camel Toe #14

Welcome back to a wonderful America, Ana Ivanovic.

Ya gotta love-love this. She can handle balls that come her way.

15Camel Toe #15

Miss Middle Age America goes on to do some really great things. One minute you’re leading a PTA meeting, the next you’re auditioning to be a Hooters waitress.

16Camel Toe #16

Lindsay Lohan was spotted showing this terrible Camel Toe.

To be fair, this is only the 18th most embarrassing thing to happen to Lohan. If you look closely, you can see remnants of her career in there.

17Camel Toe #17

Lady Gaga's 'no-pants policy' backfires in the squat position, as we get an all too detailed view of her undercarriage - complete with apparent fake tan stains!

Lady Gaga looks more like Lady Hoo-Ha. We’ve got a “Million Reasons” this is wrong, unless, of course, she was “Born This Way.”

18Camel Toe #18

Where could those hands have been? Stop pussyfooting around and just tell us why already, okay, Sandra?