Weird New Instagram Documents The Personal Life Of An Adventurous Cockroach

Cockroach Diaries Instagram
via @CockroachDiaries

With a nuclear holocaust seemingly around the corner and the apocalypse on the horizon, there is a strong chance humans won’t live to see the year 2020. (I did a podcast not long ago on that very subject!)

So who’ll take our place on this Earth, if it’s still standing? Most likely the cockroaches. But will they continue where humans left off? One odd Instagram account seems to believe so.

Cockroach Diaries follows the life of one insect, living “his biggest life.”  The account is intended to be a spoof on life and the culture of Instagram.

“It’s a kind of mirror of society,” shared the cockroach curator in an email exchange. She prefers to remain nameless. “I wanted to use all the hashtags and trending topics I see daily and exaggerate them to draw attention to how silly it is when we take social media seriously.”

The focus and fake Instagram star in the pictorials is C. Roach III, a 3rd generation roach in a line of great arthropod ancestors. A few recent cockroach excursions caught on film include sunning on the beach, relaxing a hot tub and celebrating the birth a new nymph.

The anonymous cockroach capturer creates all of the photos, using multi-layered composites of stock images. In case anyone believed cockroaches actually did snap selfies.

The fascination with the insects occurred during a home invasion of the cockroach kind.

“A few years ago we had a massive infestation of cockroaches in our house. As a person with typical cockroach phobia, it was quite traumatizing. So when it came time to pick a character to be the ‘Instagram personality’, nothing seemed quite as fitting as the cockroach. Instagram is riddled with accounts dedicated to cats, dogs, and hamsters. Why not glorify an insect that gives us all the heebie-jeebies?”

The response to the account has been positive to this point.

“People seem to enjoy the pop culture references the most while some prefer the the photos showcasing the cockroach’s daily life doing regular tasks, like selfies, photographing ‘food porn’, and doing yoga.”

The account has spawned an odd appreciation for the fictional roach and insects of his kind and the anonymous archivist admits she might think twice next time before crushing a roach with a shoe.

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