Woman In China Nearly Poops Her Brains Out

  • No toilet humor here folks! Because we give a crap about the quality of our posts!

We’ve all been constipated at one time or another. It is very unpleasant, and we all hate it. However, while you’re trying to relieve your bowels, please be careful! No “pooping with excessive force” please!

You Look Different…

China Post had an anonymous user say that their mother lost ten years for eight hours often “pooping with excessive force.” Her memory returned after an overnight stay in the hospital. She awoke the next day with those 10 years recovered, however she was missing the last 8 hours. The mother couldn’t remember anything past her visit to the bathroom. Eventually, she was released with a  clean bill of health.

The Science  Behind The Missing Time

According to what Dr. Sarah Jarvis told The Sun, this is real and could happen!
She said: “In theory, it is possible to explain someone losing their memory as a result of excessive straining on the toilet. If you are physically pushing very hard, you could cut off the blood supply to the brain. You might see the same thing if you were lifting a very heavy load. In extremely rare cases this might even lead to a bleed inside the brain, causing a form of stroke.” Though, in her thirty years as a doctor, she has never seen this, very rare, extreme reaction.

It is more common that you don’t remember where you are or how you got there, it is because of low oxygen intake. But, in this case, it was from straining too hard and cutting off blood flow.

If Your A Weight Lifter, You Could Be At Risk…

Excessive straining (and not only on the toilet) can lead to Vasovagal Syncope. This often leads to loss of consciousness. This is also known as “weight-lifters’ blackout.” Picking up weights that are too heavy for you, is often the cause of this weight-lifters blackout. According to Nursing Times heavy physical exercise, like swimming in icy water, physical or emotional stress can cause it as well.

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