4 of the Weirdest Reasons for Loans

Applying for a loan is a serious business; you need to have thought long and hard about borrowing this additional money because taking on any kind of debt, even if it’s just a short term one, will be seen on your credit report. Plus, you must be able to pay the loan back, or you will find yourself in financial difficulties.

Yet loans can be the most useful way of getting extra money quickly if you need to, and many people find them to be exactly what they want, paying everything back on time and easily. The great thing about a loan is you can pretty much use the money for whatever you want; here are some of the weirdest loan applications around that are sure to make you laugh.




Not everyone is happily married, and sometimes divorce is the best answer for everyone. Yet these marriage breakups can sometimes be expensive, and it may not surprise you to learn that some people turn to loans from Cash Lady to fund their split.

The statistics don’t say whether it is the husband or wife who is most likely to make this kind of loan application, but if there is a business involved and the pair own it jointly, this is where the expense can come in, and why loans might be turned to. The problem is, if assets are being split then any debt can cause issues and getting a loan to fund a divorce might be more trouble than it’s worth in the courts.


Suit of Armor

Kids love playing dress-up, and sometimes that love of costumes doesn’t go away when you’re an adult. Knights in shining armor are certainly something we could all do with from time to time, but those suits are expensive. They are so expensive that someone decided to apply for an $8,000 loan for one of their own.

Whether it was intended to be worn, used in a display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or just as a piece of decoration for someone’s house, we don’t know, but it might have been an impressive sight no matter what!


Cosmetic Surgery

The prevalence of cosmetic surgery procedures and the fact that people do like to look their best (and defy the aging process wherever possible) means that billions are spent in this industry every year. Of course, the procedures can be very simple ones, but some are more complicated, and the more work that ‘needs’ to be done, the more expensive those procedures are going to be. Many doctors’ surgeries can’t offer their own credit facilities due to various regulations, so to pay, a lot of people turn to loans.


Buying A Cave

Most of the time, a simple loan isn’t going to be enough to buy a property with; you need a specialist mortgage for this. However, someone decided that a mortgage was far too much money, and instead chose to borrow $32,000 to turn a cave they had found into somewhere they could live.

We know real estate is expensive, but this seems rather extreme, especially when you consider how damp and cold a cave is likely to be. Of course, in a cave like this, you won’t have any neighbors to worry about, and maybe that’s what made the idea so appealing.