Understanding Candles and Their (Secret) Meanings

Whether we are using candles for religion, belief, or to create a beautiful ambiance in a room, we’ve all had a purpose to light up a wick. Candles can fulfill many different purposes. They can create a lovely scented area or add a special effect to the room. Candles can be used to fulfill an array of different intentions. Certain meanings of candle types will be based on the context that we are using them for. In this article, we will explore the meaning of candle wax colors, flame colors, and candle shapes. 

Candle wax colors

The understanding of the effects of candle colors is based on color therapy. Color therapy refers to the meanings and feelings that the human mind associates with certain colors. There are different ways to view the meanings of candle color and which ones you should be using. 


One viewpoint is by connecting colors to the days of the week, then using a candle pigmented with the linked color of the day. Another viewpoint is looking at candle colors to attract certain things into your life or for healing purposes. Candle therapists recommend specific colored candles be used for different illnesses. Such as violet-colored candles for allergies, rose-colored candles for anxiety, and so on. However, these meanings are specific to certain causes. Candle color meanings are able to be more generalized. 


  • White: the meaning of white candles refers back to the original significance of the color itself. Symbolizing purity, peace, truth, and the removal of negative energy. 


  • Red: red candles connect to love, passion, relationships, and vitality. Often people burn red candles to attract these aspects into their own life. 


  • Purple: often seen being used in witchcraft or ritual practices. Purple symbolizes spiritual awareness, paranormal beliefs, wisdom, peace, and healing. 


  • Blue: the color of the sea. Often associated with open communication, fidelity, inspiration, and moving on. 


  • Orange: this color candle is good for education, stimulation, joy, energy, and strength. 


  • Yellow: this bright color is associated with mental clarity and realization in order to have the confidence to bring plans into action. 

Candle flame colors

The difference between candle wax colors and their flame colors is most misinterpreted as the same thing, they are however very different. The belief of candle flame meanings is often practiced in relation to candle magic. It is quite extensive to fully understand different candle flame colors therefore, the basics of this will be mentioned. 


  • The blue-toned colors: blue, purple, and green. The blue flame is lit when you need to find tranquility and protection. The purple flame is a psychic color, best for bringing unseen problems into the light and finding a way to address them. The green flame represents growth. Whether it be growth of your soul, growth in your job, or family. 


  • The warm-toned colors such as red, orange, and yellow are in the same realm of meaning. Red signifies energy and danger. A red flame is lit to keep negativity away. The orange flame is the color for ambition and positivity. In a setting where you feel discouraged, lighting an orange flame is believed to uplift confidence and spirits. The yellow flame is the color of intelligence and truth. Aiding you to learn more about yourself or tap into your creativity. 


Candle shapes and size 

Candles come in many forms shapes and sizes that are meant for different uses. If you are planning on purchasing candles it is best to know what mold shapes will benefit you the most. 

First, we have tapper candles. These candles can stay lit for up to 10 hours however, they can’t stand on their own. If you are looking to burn a candle during a family dinner night, at-home date night, or movie night, this candle would be the best option. Pillar candles are very commonly sold in stores. They are thick and don’t create smoke while they burn off for around 3-4 hours. They are great for an apartment with smoke detectors because they won’t trigger the alarm. Liquid candles aren’t seen too often in the stores however, their burn time is incredible. A liquid candle can burn anytime from 8 hours to 100 hours. They may be on the pricier side but for how long they last, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Lastly, the common tea light candle. These candles are small in design but can burn for 2 hours. They are cheap and can be placed around the house for a party effect. These small candles are best used for accent light and creating an ambiance setting.