Tips to Make Your Home A Safe Place

There are many myths in and around our homes about potential dangers. The gap between the myths and facts can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a house safe and reducing risks. According to statistics, theft from houses is one of the top causes of property loss claims. You can take several actions to keep your home safe, including purchasing home insurance.

Security experts recommend several ways to monitor a house to enable homeowners to minimize various risks. One of the most common safety hazards in our homes is fires. Although they do not occur as often as other incidents, they can cause huge damages. According to some reports, fire tops the list of the most costly claims. Some of the causes of fires include cooking, overloading circuits, and wood stoves.

Another safety hazard is water damage. Many people tend to think about weather-related issues when they think about the damage. However, statistics have shown that non-weather water claims caused a significant percentage of property damages. Non-weather damages may be due to plumbing issues such as pipes, drains, and the malfunctioning of appliances. How can you keep your home safe? Read on to find out.



Lock Your Doors

This may sound obvious for many homeowners. However, it’s one of the easiest ways of ensuring your home is a safe place. Locking the doors is a free solution for protecting yourself against burglary. Many homeowners are conscious of the practice when leaving for extended periods. However, it should also be done even when you are home.

There have been many reports of individuals who walk into the wrong apartment door or building. Even if such people do not cause harm or damages, someone’s personal space is invaded.

Think about the time you’ll be away from your house before you leave it unlocked. You should also encourage other residents to adhere to safe practices as it only takes a few minutes for intruders to cause losses. By locking the doors, you’ll make it harder for burglars to enter, and this reduces the chances of break-ins.

There have been many cases of home invasions, which were preventable by simply locking the doors. If you rarely lock the doors after getting home, it could be hard for you to remember to do it. You can try setting reminders on your phone or putting a sign on the door. Follow a consistent routine. If you always forget whether the doors are locked, try using smart locks.


Install Alarm Systems

The systems will offer the safety you need for yourself, your loved ones, and your property. It is an excellent way of deterring criminal activities. The mere presence of the security devices will help to keep criminals away as they would not want to get caught while in the act. If intruders spot security cameras in your apartment, the chances of committing a crime will reduce further.

An alarm system is the first line of defense for safeguarding your house and other valuables. It can alert law enforcement agencies in case intruders gain access to your property. Nowadays, new buildings install state-of-the-art home security systems. You can also use smart devices to view your house remotely.

Modern alarm systems allow remote arming or disarming. If you are looking for a way to lower the premiums payable for your homeowner’s insurance, installing an alarm system is a good option. Insurance companies always encourage policyholders to reduce risks. If your insurer perceives your home as less risky, you’ll pay lower premiums.

When you install an alarm system in your home, you’ll have reduced worry and stress. Ensure you hire reputable service providers to install the security systems in your residential property.


Invest in Smoke Detectors and Alarms

The location of the smoke alarms is crucial. You can install them in many places throughout your house. Experts recommend installing them in areas that are more vulnerable to fires, such as laundry rooms or near stoves. The number of devices is also important. Ensure you have enough devices for your property.

If you have a multi-level building, one smoke detector may not be effective. In case of a fire in the kitchen, while cooking, you may not notice on time. It’s recommendable for you to install at least one smoke detector per floor. This ensures every incident is recognized as soon as possible. In the event of fires, residents will get enough time to escape.

If you are uncertain about the number of devices you need for your home, consider consulting your local code requirements. You can also get insights from the National Fire Protection Association. Ensure you check the batteries of your smoke detectors from time to time. Just like any other device, their batteries die after prolonged use.

Although some are long-lasting, most of them need to be changed annually or bi-annually. If the batteries are dead, the detectors will not function properly in the event of fires. This means you and other residents in your home will be vulnerable.


Ensure You Have Secure Windows

Windows are some of the weakest entry points into a house. Locked windows will deter burglars. Secure windows mean a lot of work for intruders, and they may opt for other houses instead. The choice of windows is critical for your home safety. Some options will offer more protection than others.

For example, if you live in an area with high cases of burglary, casement windows will be an excellent option. The windows are operated from inside using a cranking system. Another design that you should consider is sliding windows. They slide horizontally to open, and horizontal security bars can be installed on them.


You Need More Exterior Lighting

The main sections of your house should have adequate lighting to keep away intruders. When it comes to lighting, many people only tend to think about the front part. The fact is, criminals are unlikely to use the front yard to get into your property. You should consider the doors and pathways.

The backyard and the sides of your home should have proper lighting. Ideally, the security lighting should be up higher off the ground. Note that the higher the light is, the brighter of a light you will need for your house. If the lights are too close to the ground, they will only cover a small area.

Finally, safety is a priority for every homeowner. You would want you, your family, and possessions to be safe at all times. The tips above will help you to achieve the objective.