Illustrator Transforms Starbucks Cups Into Eye-Opening Art

  • South Korean Illustrator Soo Min Kim uses coffee cups as a canvas
  • Kim transforms normal Starbucks cups into pieces of pop art

Usually, it’s the coffee inside the cup that jolt’s the brain alive. It isn’t typical for the coffee cup to wake up the imagination, but a South Korean illustrator is turning the typical Starbucks cup into a mind-altering experience.

While some people are getting famous for turning coffee into cockroaches, illustrator Soo Min Kim transforms the typical Starbucks cup into fun pieces of pop art, taking the mermaid logo of the coffee company and putting her into all sorts of different situations.

Kim also does time-lapse videos of each cup’s creation so fans can watch the entire process.

[Cup art] Time to Work! (2017.07.07) .

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[Cup Art] Shoveling: The First Half of the Year (2017.06.30) . 2017? ???? ??? ??. ?? ? ??.

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[Cup Art] I Am Connected! (2017.06.23) ???? ??? ???? ?? ??.

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Kim isn’t the first artist to transform cups filled with java into eye-popping pieces of art. Adrian Hogan, an illustrator living in Tokyo, crafts detailed panoramas of local scenes onto coffee cups for practice. This artist skips the cup and goes right to the napkin to sketch out fantastic doodles while getting her morning caffeine fix.

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To view Soo Min Kim’s entire collection of Starbucks cup doodles, check out his official Instagram and Facebook pages.

[via Laughing Squid]