Beard And Mustache Championship Celebrates The Best And Wackiest Facial Hair

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards. Some pogonophobes will tell you that beards are dirty, gross, and unsightly. Or maybe they aren’t afraid of beards; they just have bad taste. Either way, spend some time with some real beard enthusiasts and you won’t find a cleaner, classier, or more stylish group of people. To prove …

Dead Rat Pencil Holders And Other Things You Never Knew You Never Wanted

Not sure what to get Mom for the holidays? Maybe your sister is too hard to shop for; you know she’s picky as hell but she’s also vague about what she wants. Above all, family can be infuriating to buy for. But no longer! Jack Devaney has the one-stop-shopping destination for everyone on your Christmas …

Strange But Cool Costumes Based On Famous Works Of Art

Costumes based on pop culture have been done to death, so in order to keep things fresh many costumers have started looking to classic works of art for inspiration, and the costumes they've created based on famous works of art from artist like Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Lichtenstein and Warhol turn people into living masterpieces.

Ten of the Weirdest Anime Series Ever Made

Anime series are created to cater to every taste, from the super cutesy kiddy series like Yo-Kai Watch to the extremely intelligent and adult series like Ghost In The Shell, but the anime series on this list defy categorization. That's because they're so mind-blowingly bizarre it's hard to categorize or label them, and some of...

7 Unusual Hair Styles in World History

Hairstyles send a unique message to all who witness. Whether it is to demonstrate social status or to represent the genre of music one listens to, there is a hairstyle for it all. Some, however, are nothing we could have imagined requesting of our hairdresser. Check out these 7 unbelievable hairstyles from throughout world history.