Here’s What Might Happen If A Person Never Stopped Eating

  • Eating keeps people alive, but what happens if you never stop?
  • There's a difference between overeating and binge eating
  • Overeating is usually tied to a bigger personal issue

This fascinating video from the people at Life Noggin wonders would happen if a person never stopped eating? In explaining the answer, narrator Blocko (real name Pat Graziosi) breaks down the particular dangers that ingredients such as sugar, salt, and trans-fats have on the human body.

Overeating is an issue, especially in the United States, but the ailment is usually tied to a larger problem. For example, some common causes of overeating include doing other things like watching TV while eating meals, mistaking hunger for thirst, and just ignoring the number of calories consumed in a day. This article insists that to correct the problem, a person must enlist the help of a psychologist and not a dietician.

While all of us have been guilty of consuming way more food than necessary at meals, it’s the act of binge eating that causes the most long term and short term harm to humans. Binge Eating Disorder is defined as “recurring episodes of eating significantly more food in a short period than most people would eat under similar circumstances, with episodes marked by feelings of lack of control.” In other words, overeating is a one-time deal (think of Thanksgiving dinner) while binge eating is constantly overeating (think of Thanksgiving dinner, at every meal, for weeks).

So can a person eat themselves to death? While the cases are rare, it is possible. In the instances where overeating is thought to have a hand in killing an individual, the exact medical cause of death is usually the massive amounts of food rupturing the stomach or the person just choking on all the grub.

While overeating is never a smart idea, there are rare occasions when obesity benefitted people, check out these nine shocking cases where being overweight was actually a lifesaver.