Modification Fanatic Regrets Removing Belly Button As A Gift To Her Boyfriend

  • Maybe think things over for a few days before cutting off body parts?

Body modification isn’t new, but it can still shock us. Many revel in their decisions, never regretting the choice to become forever changed. Body modification fanatics love to wear their unconventional attitudes on their skins – or lack thereof. In this case, Paulina Casillas Landeros, from Jalisco, Mexico, unfortunately, regrets her choice. It wasn’t the piercings running down the length of her spine, called a back corset, or the split tongue that Ms. Landeros regrets. Nor is it the numerous tattoos and piercings that she proudly displays. For Ms. Landeros, her regret lies in what she refers to as “what makes us human” – her belly button.

Ms. Landeros describes her decision as “reckless and impulsive”, owning it to a low point in her relationship with her family, wanting to cut off “all unions from everything and everyone”. She underwent surgery to have her belly button removed, but claims due to back advice from the “professional” (reports never use the term “doctor”) the site never healed, saying it will never close entirely. Ms. Landeros is left with a scar where her belly button should be.

Far more disturbing than the modification itself is that Ms. Landeros kept the body part. Yes, she kept her belly button to give to her then-boyfriend as a gift, with a note that read “I love you”. While the couple is no longer together, they remain friends and the ex-boyfriend chooses to keep the memento, understanding what it meant as a symbol.

Even more than the scar, Ms. Landeros laments the pain she put her family through. Landeros is quoted as saying “I do regret it when I put myself in my mum’s position, it must have been devastating for her, she was so sad. I can’t imagine how it must feel, your own child wanting to break all their connection to you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do it again, it was impulsive, reckless and I hurt a lot of people. And (the scar) is a nice reminder that characterizes me.” Ms. Landeros says she’s learned to think before making such permanent decisions.

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