Milwaukee Bucks (And Cheese) Fan Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

  • Because in Wisconsin, cheese is life

All states are known for something, and if you didn’t know, Wisconsin is known for cheese. And beer. Yup, cheese and beer. Do you wish you were from Wisconsin now?

In fact, Wisconsinites love this food so much, it’s not just what they’re known for, but also their claim to fame. And this is proof.

A fan at a Milwaukee Bucks game named 27 cheeses in 30 seconds. Now THAT is impressive.

This Wisconsin women was decked in a cheesehead too, how fitting, when she named the cheeses at the basketball game. “There is nothing more Wisconsin than this,” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said.

Jamie Kiesl is a 35 year old human resources manager for Kohl’s, and apparently a wiz. Get it? Cheese “Wiz?” That’s funny.

Anyhow, she named the 27 in 30 seconds, a contest that was done “against” one of the players. Buck’s player Sterling Brown could only name 17 cheeses in 30 seconds, so Kiesl wins!

Kiesl had game, even though she drew a blank at the end of the 30 seconds. When asked how she knew so many cheeses she explained that she has lived in Wisconsin for her whole life. No further questions, your honor.

Kiesl received a signed ball by Brown according to the team’s director of entertainment and programming, Johnny Watson.

“She’s by far been the best contestant we’ve had,” he stated.

It’s no wonder that Keisl is so versed in this dairy delicacy after living in Wisconsin her whole life. After all, there are 89 Wisconsin factories producing the cheeses and offering tours, so just imagine how many more make it!

And the state makes all different types of cheeses, most famously, cheese curds. The state also produces

  • cheddar
  • monterey jack
  • colby
  • feta
  • farmers
  • marble jack
  • blue
  • Wiskerchen
  • string
  • mozzerella
  • goat’s, sheep’s, and cow milk and so many more!

On Wisconsin! The more cheese, the better!

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