10 of the World’s Most Bizarre Competitions

1Midget Throwing Contest The Midget Throwing, or Dwarf Tossing, originated in Australia in the 1980’s. A bar attraction in which dwarves wearing special padded clothing or Velcro costumes are thrown onto mattresses or at Velcro-coated walls, participants of the contest compete to throw the dwarf the farthest. Dwarf tossing is widely considered to be offensive …

15 Funny Sleeping Positions

How did they end up like that? (Photo by: Avi_Abrams) (Photo by: Jeff Tsai) (Photo by: funny-potato) (Photo by: IAB) (Photo by: kreaturr) (Photo by: adhangar) (Photo by: the bubu) (Photo by: sleepingchinese) (Photo by: foto.xnet.ba) (Photo by: sleepingchinese) (Photo by: kirainet) (Photo by: sleepingchinese) (Photo by: matsiltala) (Photo by: Silent Sensei)

12 Strangely Shaped Clouds

Dragon (by Rob Graham) Love is in the air (by jrkells&bcrasmussen) Baby lion God’s Hand (by Sue Beatrice) Starfish (by Ian Loxley) Crucifix (by Russell Hill) Bunny Feather (by Jerry Lowell) Fish (by Gavin Tobin) Great Hound (by Terry Linsell) Duck (by Ali Murphy) Eagle (by Silvia Bonato)