10 Awesome but Questionable Nursery Rooms

1Andy Warhol

You know a nursery is bound to be rad when there's a print with an Andy Warhol quote involved. Baby Benjamin is a lucky little guy to have this stylish room to call his own.


This safari bedroom is cool, but definitely scary for a nursery.


Wooden rocking chair, photos of mom & dad, and day-glo owls cuddled close together are in Cassandra's wondrously psychedelic nursery.

4Jack Skellington

Every parent wants their new baby to have sweet dreams. Everyone except the parents who decorated their child's nursery after Nightmare Before Christmas.

5Star Wars

This nursery is fit for a baby Jedi, but the rug is definitely nightmare inducing.


Photographer Pieter Estersohn transformed an image he took in Udaipur into a giant gleaming mural for his son Elio's bedroom in their New York City home.

7Celebrity Style

Check out the nursery Christina Aguilera created for her son, Max. We're envious of the size of the room and the mural on the back wall looks great, but we're not so sure about the big, scary crescent moon. The 11-foot prop had been onstage during Aguilera's Back to Basics tour. Christina says putting it in the room was Jordan's (the baby's dad) idea.

8Black & White

Most parents go for colorful nurseries, but not this couple.For this police headquarters-themed bedroom, they decided to go all black and white.


Farra, aka The Hostess Haven, designed the most bohemian room (for her son Junípero Cruz) we have ever seen.


Not really a nursery, but this was too cool-creepy to leave it out. In a darkly humorous homage to classic cinema, Joseph Reginella, a toy and prop sculptor based in New York, created this awesome crib that makes it look like the baby sleeping in it is about to be devoured by the monstrous shark from Jaws. The sculpture is a reenactment of the scene in which the grizzled seaman Quint is devoured by the movie's eponymous terror.

Reginella made the bed for his nephew, 2-month-old Mikey Melaccio. Looks like the kid might develop either an extreme fear of sharks or an affinity for them!