Popular Children’s Books

10 Dark Original Versions of Popular Children’s Tales

These popular children's stories and fairy tales allowed you to expand your imagination and immerse yourself into a world where anything could be possible, but do you know that most of these stories were completely different when they were first written? Check out the darker predecessors of some of the world’s most popular children’s books.
Stephen King Writing At Desk

10 Odd Writing Habits Of Famous Authors

The English writer Holbrook Jackson once quipped "beware of your habits. The better they are, the more surely they will be your undoing." Jackson was probably referring to habits like drinking, drugs and other vices. He probably also had writers specifically in mind. Every writer is a creature of habit. Even the most successful authors...

10 Shocking Videos From The Mexico City Earthquake

This month, Mexico has been rattled by two powerful earthquakes just 12 days apart. On September 7, a magnitude-8.1 earthquake—the strongest to hit Mexico in a century—killed 90 people, but did less damage than it could have, as the quake’s epicenter was off the Pacific coast. The most recent, a magnitude-7.1 temblor, hit the city...