10 Geektastic Pairs of Nerdy Shoes

1Doctor Who Dress Shoes

Etsy seller CornishWenchDoesArt specializes in adding awesome 3D details to her creations and these Doctor Who shoes, complete with K-9s on the toes, are certainly no exception.

2Castiel Heels

Supernatural fans are sure to flip for these fashionable heels CornishWenchDoesArt based on Castiel the angel.

3Dinosaur Heels

Looking for some shoes that make you go rrrrrr? Then you'll love these t-rex heels. You can even make them yourself with the help of this Instructable.

4Harry Potter Converse

Want some geeky sneakers that don't beat you over the head with their nerdiness? Then you'll dig these cool Harry Potter shoes by Etsy seller CraftyTinkShop.

5R2D2 Heels

This Instructable can teach you how to make some beep-boop-bleeping sexy shoes worthy of a princess from Alderaan.

6The Hobbit Slip-Ons

It's hard to find a more epic pair of kicks this side of Mordor. You can get your hands on these cool custom sneakers thanks to Etsy seller GalleryWalkers.

7Wonder Woman Heels

You'll feel like a superhero for sure when you strut around in these eye-catching Wonder Woman heels by OrionsOriginals.

8Marvel Dress Shoes

There are tons of comic book heels out there and sneakers, but when it comes to men's shoes for formal occasions, there aren't many options. Fortunately, Etsy seller FromthespectrumUK sells these cool comic-covered dress shoes.

9Paper Mario Vans

DeviantArt user VeryBadThing gets a 1-Up for these cool Paper Mario Vans loaded with all the characters we've come to love from the series.

10Firefly Keds

Be like a leaf on the wind with these fashionable and totally comfy Keds by Etsy seller GalleryWalkers.