This Brief History Of Scary Clowns Will Give You Nightmares

  • Author and clown expert Benjamin Radford explains the history clowns
  • Believes we're living in the "golden age" of frightening clowns

scary clowns history

With help from author and clown expert Benjamin Radford, Vulture put together this fascinating video about the history of scary clowns and how the painted-face purveyors of joy slowly morphed into nightmare-inducing psychopaths thanks to pop culture and real-life events.

They explain…

“Clowns have always been represented as tricksters and jokers, from the days of jesters all the way through Ronald McDonald, but the high jinks were always paired with pathos and humanity. However, at some point in the last century, clowns became a source of a major cultural phobia, and the “scary clown” has become a staple of the American pop-culture landscape.”

The Complete History of Scary Clowns

Welcome to the “golden age” of frightening clowns. And if that doesn’t send chills up your spine, I’m not sure what will.