‘Frankenstein’ Human Remains Found In Arizona’s Biological Resource Center

  • BRC's owner is named Stephen Gore. "Gore." We aren't making this up, people...
The FBI found “buckets of heads, arms, and legs, a cooler full of male genitalia and ‘Frankenstein’ corpses.” We knew that some people were sick, but did you think that’d they be going as far as creating ‘Frankenstein’ experiments?
  It Started About Six Years Ago, In 2013 
The FBI started investigating shady “body brokers,” businesses that sell donated bodies for research purposes, in 2013. An example of the “body brokers” is Arizona’s for-profit Biological Resource Center (BRC). The BRC was investigated in 2014, but eyewitnesses are only now bringing details to light, and most of them are too grisly to believeThey were so grizzly that Matthew Parker, a former FBI agent who worked on the BRC case, told Reuters that moving body bags from the facility resulted in a PTSD diagnosis. “I couldn’t sleep at night after seeing that. It looked like a junkyard chop shop where they are just ripping things apart.”  
Mark Cwynar’s Statement
In a sworn statement, Mark Cwynar (former FBI agent) said that he saw various unsettling sights. He saw “infected heads, a bucket of heads, arms and legs, and a cooler filled with male genitalia,” as the Arizona Republic and KTVK reported. Mr. Cwynar also saw a macabre wall hanging, a woman’s head sewn onto a man’s torso “in a ‘Frankenstein’ manner.” According to Reuters, they found 1,755 body pieces, filling 142 10-ton bags.
 Troy Harp
Troy Harp, who gave his mother and grandmother’s bodies to BRC, told KTVK that BRC said that their bodies were being used for “research purposes.” “Cancer, and leukemia and whatever else, using sample cells. That’s what I was told,” Harp said. “This is a horror story. It’s just unbelievable. This story is unbelievable.” When asked if he felt closure for his mother and grandmother, Hard responded saying: “No, and I don’t think I will.”
In almost every state selling non-transplantable human body parts is legal, as long as they are not fetuses. In recent years, Arizona and Colorado have passed laws to regulate body brokers. However, the vast majority of states do not have explicit rules for how donated cadavers must be stored or sold.
When They Went To Court
After pleading guilty, BRC’s owner,  Stephen Gore, wrote in a letter to the judge. It said that the business was a “labor of love” that had overwhelmed him. “This was an industry that had no formal regulations to look to for guidance,” he wrote. Gore was sentenced to one (1) year of deferred jail time and four (4) years of probation. The lawsuit into the center is ongoing, after Harp said the punishment wasn’t steep enough. Harp said that he wants to see more federal regulation of facilities like the BRC. 
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