Only in India!

Yellow School… tricycle! In New Delhi VIP Toilet A “Starbucks” cafe in Goa, India Irani cafe in Hyderabad So subtle So you’re climbing the stairway and then… If a tree falls in a soccer field and no one is around to hear it… Monkey Gaylord… Self service most crowded train ever Or what? HA! Offering …

10 Most Unfortunate Store Names

The name of this shop in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain becomes “SHIT” when converted to an acronym “Farto”… in Sao Paulo, Brazil “Lick-a-chick”… sadly they mean a chicken “Tits”… in Montevideo, Uruguay “Hung Far Low”… something got lost in translation “Analtech” “Niggaz”… in Turkey “Herpi”… in Spain “The DICK Liquour” “The Pussy Cleaners”