Another Wisconsin Man Was Found Sleeping In The Wrong House

  • Pull it together, people!

Weird things happen in Wisconsin all the time but still, this is weird news. A dog woke up on New Years with a new bed partner. Well, it was an unexpected bed partner that the dog didn’t know. And another man was found sleeping in the wrong house, again.

This 150-pound mastiff named Benton was found with a strange man sleeping with him on his doggie bed New Year’s morning. Lynn Sarver found the two together.

“I woke up and saw someone over here on this dog bed,” Sarver said. Her and her roommate “ran into the kitchen ? grabbed a knife. Then we were scared.”

They called 911 to report the intrusion.

“He was out. Even when I went to pull off Benton, the guy didn’t move,” Sarver reported.

When the officers arrived the attempted to wake up the sleeping man. Once they had, they asked him if he knew where he was. The man said that he needed his glasses.

“Once he put them on and looked around, he said, ‘Oh yeah, this is not my house,’” Sarver said.

Benton’s new bunkmate turned out to be a 21-year-old neighbor who somehow had been confused and thought Sarver’s house was his house. He reportedly got in through the unlocked side door.

Police say that the man was heavily intoxicated and they helped him get to the right place, also known as his house. No charges have been filed.

Sarver had gotten Benton for protection and is now having to awkwardly defend her dog’s honor.

“My dog is pretty smart. He could probably tell this kid wasn’t a threat,” she said. What would you do if a man was found sleeping in your place? 

What is it with Wisconsin and people walking into and sleeping in houses that aren’t theirs? Oh ya, we drink a lot. That’s right, haha.

I just wrote about another man who was found sleeping in the wrong house, because he was drunk and thought it was his own. Read about it at A Madison Man Is Found Sleeping In the Wrong House. Oh Wisconsin, you’re nothing if not a state of drinkers.




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