A Madison Man Is Found Sleeping In The Wrong House

  • Because this guy was so sure of where he lived that he walked in and began sleeping there, as if it were his.

A man entered a Downtown Madison residence early Sunday morning, believing it to be his own, and began sleeping after a night out drinking. A 19-year-old resident found him when he himself was getting home at 3:40 AM, that same night.

“He found glass to the storm door had been broken and a burglar might be inside, so he didn’t want to go in until police checked it out,” stated police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Two officers went inside the location and started going room to room.

In one bedroom they discovered one of the victim’s roommates, who was with a girlfriend. The officers moved on.”

It was when they got to the last bedroom that the officers found a man half lying on the bed.  He was sleeping and he was only wearing one shoe and a sports jacket, with no shirt underneath. His hand was cut and he had cans of beer in his pockets. He also wet the bed.

“The intruder was a complete stranger to the victim, and had entered the wrong address after having too much to drink,” DeSpain stated.

The resident didn’t want to file against home with a trespassing complaint so the 20-year-old intruder was taken to the detox center. The police issues him an underage drinking ticket.

That’s not the only thing that’s happened in Madison recently. Earlier this year, there was another man found somewhere he shouldn’t be. And alcohol had a part to play in this story, too.

Back in April, Eugene Trimble, was found sleeping in his car, which was still running. Not only was the car still running but its lights and flashers were on, too. Trimble was fast asleep.

The officer approached the car and turned it off. He woke up Trimble and soon thereafter, arrested him for his 5th OWI.