Your Kids Could Be Growing Horns! (Sort Of)

  • These horns aren't nearly as cool as your kids might hope they'd be.
Is YOUR child a malformed mutated FREAK?! Well, maybe, but not to the extent you might think, despite the way they might act sometimes.
It Started With A Goat…

Born in the Netherlands in the spring of 1939, a goat had a deformity in both of his front legs. The right was a stub with a hoof, and the left wasn’t there.  He started hopping on his back legs. Sadly, the little goat died shortly after his first birthday. But he did have one last surprise for us. When anatomists looked at his skeleton, they saw that his bones had adapted to how he walked.

How Does This Goat Have Anything To Do With Your Child’s Horns?

Well, to answer that question, in a similar manner to the goat, our skulls have adapted to being bent. When your child spends time on their phones or iPads, they are bending their pivotal joint, and their skulls are adapting. We thought this impossible before evidence of the goat. Though this was found in older people, it usually took up to ten years to develop.

218 People Were A Part Of The Test To  Prove The Theory

Dr. Shahar looked at two-hundred-eighteen x-ray images of people aged from eighteen to thirty. He found that about forty percent of the people had a “horn-like” lumps at the back of their heads, ranging from ten to thirty millimeters. The majority of them were kids.

What Is It?
“This is evidence that musculoskeletal degenerative processes can start and progress silently from an early age. These findings were surprising because typically they take years to develop and are more likely to be seen in the aging population.”
It’s Not Dangerous, Just New
“It is important to understand that, in most cases, bone spurs measure a few single millimeters. And yet we found projections of 10 to 30 millimeters in the studied young population. The thing is that the bump is not the problem, the bump is a sign of sustained terrible posture, which can be corrected quite simply.”
So it has less to do with constantly being on devices, and more to do with the bad posture we have while using them.
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