Young Man Develops Bizarre Allergy — To His Own Orgasms

  • Lucky for him, the doctors were able to find a surprising cure.

Developing an allergy to anything later in life is a terrible experience. You might become unable to eat your favorite food or do the activities you most enjoy.

But this particular young man really got dealt the worst possible hand in the game of life. He developed a rare, bizarre allergy-like condition — to his own orgasms.

For years, the 27-year-old been experiencing weird flu-like symptoms whenever he… You know, finished. They would last for up to several days, making every orgasm a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

His condition left the man unable (and unwilling) to engage in any kind of romantic or sexual activity or relationship. He didn’t seem to have any other option, with doctors seemingly unable to cure his strange illness.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. After seeking help one last time, the man’s condition was miraculously cured.

And it’s all thanks to simple, over-the-counter allergy medicine.

“Right, I’m allergy-medicated, baby. Let’s do this.”

10 Years of Celibacy

The young man’s strange condition was described in a case study published in the journal Urology Case Reports. According to the report, his symptoms began sometime around the of 18.

After an orgasm, he would quickly break into “flu-like symptoms.” He would begin coughing and sneezing and get a runny nose — much like with pollen allergy.

In addition, he’d get a rash on his forearms and his lymph nodes swell up. Yep, that sounds like allergies to us.

The symptoms could appear within minutes or take several hours to show up. And when they did, they could last up to a week, making the young man’s life absolutely miserable.

It didn’t matter whether he had sex with somebody else or rocked his own socks. In either case, he’d come down with his allergy.

“Because of the distressing nature of his symptoms, he actively avoided any sexual activity or romantic relationships,” the report said.

Over the years, the young man had consulted several doctors and allergy specialists. However, they all proved unable to help him.

One allergist thought that he had simple hay fever. Unsurprisingly, the medication he got from that doctor did absolutely nothing.

The Rarest of Diseases

Having dealt with his problems for nearly 10 years, he finally got to the doctors who wrote the report. Lo and behold — they actually figured out what ailed the young man.

The doctors determined that the man suffered from Post-orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS). It’s no wonder that previous doctors hadn’t figured that out — POIS is an exceedingly rare condition.

Within the last 20 years, only 60 cases of POIS have been described. Prior to that, the condition is unknown.

POIS affects almost exclusively men. And its symptoms match the young man’s illness to a T.

So, the doctors now knew what was wrong with the young man, which was good. But they also had some bad news for him.

Current medical science doesn’t know what causes POIS. Consequently, there’s no cure for it and doctors treat it using a fairly strict “let’s see if this works” methodology.

A Miracle Cure

And that’s just what the doctors did for the young man as well. They prescribed him an antihistamine which has proven effective against similar symptoms from other allergies.

That didn’t work, however. Perhaps the young man had expected that and was ready to resign to his sexless fate.

But then the doctors talked him into trying something else. They switched his medication to the over-the-counter fexofenadine — popularly known as Allegra.

And what do you know? It worked.

“The treatment that proved most efficacious was daily fexofenadine, leading to a 90% symptom improvement,” the case report reads.

Thanks to the medicine, the young man has been able to resume normal sexual activity. And he doesn’t have to break the bank for it, since all he needs to do is take a regular allergy medicine before getting down and dirty.

Imagine having that conversation, though.

“Hold on, babe, I have to take my pill first. No, no, it’s nothing contagious — I’m just allergic to my own orgasms.”