What Makes Paradise a Great Place to Live?

  • Because, unless you're the Grinch, who doesn't want to live in "paradise"?

These days, people are getting sick of living fast-paced lives. Given that today’s American cities are full of noise, air pollution, and overcrowding, it should come as no surprise that people are yearning for an alternative. One fantastic way to get away from it all is to move to the Caribbean.

Nicaragua is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations not just for American ex-pats but for people from all over the world seeking a more peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle. Those planning a move to the Caribbean can read on to find out what to expect from this tropical paradise.

A Beautiful Backdrop

Like the rest of the Caribbean, Nicaragua boasts a beautiful climate with nearly year-round sunshine. Combine that with breathtaking ocean views, interesting wildlife, and lush vegetation, and the result is the perfect backdrop for a peaceful, serene life spent relaxing by the beach or heading out on hikes to take in the nation’s natural wonders.

Affordable Living

It’s easy to get the wrong idea when watching modern TV shows taking place on lavish beachfront properties that spare none of the amenities. While it’s true that there’s plenty of luxury to be found in Nicaragua, the country generally boasts a more affordable cost of living. Housing and food costs tend to be much lower than those found in the U.S., and some Caribbean islands offer both low tax rates and unprecedented financial privacy. 

Great Waves

There’s a reason so many surfers head to the Caribbean when they need to take a break and hit the waves. The fantastic surf spots are seemingly endless. Long coasts and accommodating tides can create unforgettable adventures not just for visitors but also for future locals. Plus, there are plenty of surf schools around where new residents can polish their skills before hitting the waves for real.

Delicious Cuisine

Caribbean food is incredibly diverse, so there’s something to satisfy every taste. The wealth of local restaurants and diversity of foods found within them are thanks, in large part, to immigrants and ex-pats from across the world deciding to call the Caribbean home. Americans moving down to Nicaragua from the city will find that it’s much easier to eat healthily and enjoy the local cuisine when every other building isn’t a fast-food restaurant.

Unique, Diverse Culture

There is no one Caribbean culture. This region of the world is home to many groups of people, all with different backgrounds. It’s not unusual to hear not just many English dialects but also traces of French, Spanish, Dutch, and other languages, all intermingling to form a unique and diverse cultural melting pot. It’s not just a variety of languages that the area has to offer. People can find any kind of music, art, food, or community in the Caribbean.

Get A Much-Needed Change of Pace

In today’s cities, there’s never any time or space to relax and enjoy life. In Nicaragua, things are different. The pace of life is slower, and locals have learned to take things one day at a time. It can take some getting used to, but even those who used to believe they loved the hustle and bustle of city living are won over by the easy-going atmosphere. No matter where they’re moving from, future residents will have plenty to look forward to, and they’ll be able to take it all in on their own time.