Will Sing For Food. I Mean A Cab Ride.

  • Just keep singing, just keep singing. Really, sing more.

Do you like to sing? I feel like people love it or hate it.

I love to sing, by myself, in the shower, in the car, or extra obnoxiously to my husband. But to anyone else? No.

But this, this may change my mind. It seems that liking singing or not liking singing isn’t relevant Yet simply, if you are willing to sing or not.

And if you are at least willing, you may get a free cab ride out of it. Serious. 

But you have to sing the whole time, without skipping a beat. Because if you stop singing, the taxi stops driving. The end. But this is what you can do.

Get the “singalong shuffle,” as it’s called. It will be unveiled this weekend during the Rulsrook music festival in Turku, Finland.

This is a promotion ran by Fortum, a clean energy company based in northern Europe. Attendees are able to ride around the festival grounds in the electrically-powered BMW i3 for free.

You just have to sing for the driver. And keep singing or your ride is done.

The promotion serves to show riders that the electric car is so quiet that you don’t have to worry about the car engine being louder than your singing.

The car is equipped with tablet that offers songs choices and lyrics so that you can sing along without fear of forgetting or not knowing the words.

And whether you like to or not, isn’t singing  way better than making awkward conversation with the ride share driver. I mean, am I right?

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