I Hope You Enjoyed The 4th as Much as This Bear Did

  • Because he surely did enjoy himself.

Let’s party like it’s bear-thirty. Yes, you read that right.

What’s bear-thirty? Instead of beer-thirty, it’s with a bear. One that likes to sit back, enjoy hot tubs, and drink margaritas.  

This bear from California did just that. In fact, it was so excited for the upcoming holiday that it started celebrations early with a pre-party in someone’s backyard last Friday.

Mark Hough was planning to beat the heat with a margarita but before he knew it, the bear was there. Hough heard a noise and dismissed it, thinking it was just a neighbor moving around. 

The noise didn’t dissipate though, and it just got louder. When Hough went to investigate he found a bear, climbing over the fence, and onto his property.

He took a video of this uninvited guest as the animal made himself at home in Hough’s unheated Jacuzzi. The bear was loving it but the barking dogs, not so much.

If it wasn’t enough that he took over the hot tub, he wanted Hough’s drink, too. Hough had made himself a margarita and left it outside. The bear was seen knocking the drink over and lapping it up.

Hough did not go outside during these events but instead watched from the house. Later in the day while chatting with a neighbor, Hough spotted the fellow in a tree, taking a nap.

“So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap,” Hough said.

Bear sightings are not rare in California. In fact, in June a mama bear and cubs were seen playing in a pool in Eaton Canyon near Pasedena.

While Hough’s wild encounter may happen more than we think in California, it hasn’t stopped this news from making a huge splash online. The animal did eventually leave the property and Hough made himself two margaritas. Happy 4th!


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