When Head-Butting Alligators Render You Unconscious

  • Try to stay away from alligator heads, just saying.

Have you ever been headbutted? If so, you know that it hurts a lot and you can get huge goose egg-sized bumps. Well, what if you got head-butted, by an alligator? Can you imagine?

There was a Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper who came into contact with an alligator and was knocked unconscious after being head-butted by him.

The trapper remains nameless to the public but the story goes like this. He was on his way to an Ocoee neighborhood on May 25th after getting a call about the alligator.

Residents called to let him know that they saw a 8-foot alligator wandering around their residences.

According to Jack Redding, a witness to the event, “It was pretty crazy.” You could hear him say he said he didn’t know what to do in the recording he took with his cell phone.

The video recorded the trapper and two police officers carrying the gator, and getting him into the back of the pickup truck. You can see the gator is secured on his mouth and feet.

But once they got him into the bed of the truck, the gator started to thrash about. “The gator flipped back and head-butted the guy ? knocked him on the ground,” local resident Walter Day said.

Day continued saying, “[At] that point, it was kind of free, and it whacked police officers with its tail.” And it got one of the men, and good.

The trapper suddenly lost conciousness when he was head-butter by the alligator. The Ocoee Police Department says that he’s recovering.

“So glad that the trapper is doing well and that no one was seriously injured,” read a Wednesday post on the department’s Facebook page.

As for Redding, he was happy to have gotten in on tape and had it to share on Youtube. “My video on YouTube got a lot of views, and I like getting a lot of views,” he said. 

Odd news for sure,  but good to know the trapper is on the mend.


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