What is the Perfect Size Air Compressor for Car Painting?

When your car color ruins, you have to paint your vehicle. However, it will be easy for you whenever you have an automotive paint gun at home.

Using a paint sprayer and air compressor combined can help you paint an ample space within a short time.

Do you want to do painting work by yourself? If you are, then you should know some basic information about the size air compressor you need to paint a car.

Here in this article, we will discuss the perfect air compressor size for the car painting project.


Air Compressor Size for Painting A Car

The air compressor takes regular air. After taking a stand, it can pressurize power tools like spray painters. To complete the painting project perfectly, you must maintain the air compressor’s actual size for your car painting.

Most people recommend a 60-gallon tank with a 5-10 hp compressor. And also, refer to 14-18 CFM with 90 PSI. Let’s see a few more essential factors in more details:


Tank Size

Tank size plays a vital role for air compressors for car paint. However, some people are confused about which size is suitable, small size or big size. But here, you must maintain some factors. Because a big size is not recommended for car painting. Small tanks need to be refilled several times. Small tanks also produce more variance.

Besides, very small or colossal size tanks are not applicable for car painting. Most experts said a tank size of at least 50 gallons or more could be recommendable. But usually, I can prefer 60 gallons tank size. Because with 60 gallons, it can fill a whole car with one pass without refilling.


CFM Ratings 

CFM’s complete form is Cubic feet per minute. However, CFM needs to break the paint into small particles. A high CFM is needed when damaging the paint. Besides, a high volume of air can make a huge difference. It can ensure you that your color finished with a coat appears uniform. 

Moreover, CFM is an essential factor for an air compressor. You can avoid low-volume CFM ratings. Because it would be insufficient to paint the car paint entirely. Usually, CFM ratings referred to 20 CFM meters. But you need at least 14-18 CFM ratings.


Air Pressure

For car paint, PSI is less critical than cubic feet per minute. In other words, the air pressure is significant for car painting. Because it indicates what your car painting pressure wants. However, if you know the exact air pressure of painting, you can produce the air pressure.

Besides, it would help if you optimized air pressure through high CFM. Try to look for at least 15 PSI. But sometimes 15 PSI is not suitable for every car paint. So, you can take 20-25 PSI for better results.


Horse Power

Horse Power is another crucial factor for air compressor size. To clarify, a high horsepower compressor can work efficiently. Without high HP, its work can stop. So, you have to focus on high horsepower for better service.

The horsepower range is not set at all. Besides, you can take five HP for your car painting. But it’s not suitable. You need to take ten horsepower to have a better car painting experience.


Ending Thoughts

So, hope you understand all the factors for air compressor size. However, the air compressor size is not fixed. Because it can change with several factors, you must maintain these factors. It will be adequate for air compressor size for painting. First, you need PSI and CFM technology for operating car painting.

Moreover, you have to maintain at least a 60 gallons tank with ten horsepower pressure. You also need to carry 14-18 CFM ratings with 90 PSI. If all your factors are ok now, you can go to the next step.

Then, you won’t worry about what size air compressor I need to paint a car. You can paint your vehicle quickly.