Weird Canned Products You Haven’t Heard of

  • From canned sandwiches and burgers to the exclusive gooseberries, here are the ones you've never heard of.

These weird canned foods may surprise you. From canned sandwiches and burgers to the exclusive gooseberries, here are the ones you’ve never heard of.


If you can’t find the time to make your own PB&J, (or if you don’t have the ingredients,) you can pull out a can of Candwich. This company not only offers your favorite PB&J but also has chocolate-filled French toast sandwiches and a canned honey barbeque chicken sandwich. Worth a try or is this weird canned product, too weird?


Since we’re talking sandwiches, burgers is next in line. You don’t need a grill or meat if you get a cheeseburger in a can. The German camping supply company named Trek’n Eat makes a canned cheeseburger for you to check out.

Browned Bread

This product comes from New England and is a dark and slightly sweet bread that has roots in Ireland and England. For an authentic flavor, this bread is steamed right in the can. Add baked beans to enjoy this traditional Boston  meal.


Most people have never tried a gooseberry, as these specialty berries can be hard to find. The zippy flavor is bright and unique. Dried versions are more common and they gave a different, more concentrated flavor. If you can find gooseberries in a can, they have more of a fresh flavor.

Ox Tongue

If you knew that ox tongue has a tender texture and is budget-friendly, too, would that make you more interested to try it? Aside from ethnic preparations, this once popular everyday meat has largely lost it’s popularity. Eating the canned version over the fresh provides convenience but would you try this weird canned product?

Birds Nest Drink

Chinese cooking has utilized edible birds nests in their cooking for more than 400 years and came be one of the most expensive when it comes to food products. Just dissolve them in water to give these swift nests a slightly gelatinous texture that can be flavored salty or sweet.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Although canned mushrooms isn’t a weird canned product, these high-end and hard to find mushrooms in a can are especially special. Preserved mushrooms hold their flavor well making these canned mushrooms the perfect, low-cost option for anyone interesting in these boogie mushrooms.


And no, not of the Cheese Whiz variety. You can find fine aged cheeses like classic cheddar and dill garlic. This Washington State University line of canned cheese also offered chili-infused versions, and they’re less than $1 an ounce.

Grass Jelly

You can get this one of two ways, first as canned chunks of jelly but also as an energy drink. Also known as “leaf jelly,” it’s popular across Asia, specifically in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. This pressed juice comes from the mixing of three regional plants and is highly nutritious and very sweet. What do you think of this weird canned product?

Braised Eel

Canned braised eel tends to have a sweet and savory sauce that is deep and flavorful. Eel makes a great snack as a good source of protein, and it’s a quick way to throw together homemade sushi as well.


Chicken, as in a whole chicken. Sweet Sue stuffs an entire chicken into a can and although it’s salty, customers say, “It tastes like chicken.” Wait. This is a weird review for a weird canned product, stating that “canned chicken tastes like chicken.” That is what they’re going for, isn’t it?

All-Day Breakfast

This can of food is baked beans, tomato sauce, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, chopped pork and all that you could expect from a proper British breakfast but stuffed into a can. (But how proper is that?) Would you try this weird canned product?

So do we like these weird canned foods or is it a no? If anything, the PB&J in a can sounds like a sweet and savory weird, canned treat.