The Weirdest Animal Restaurants Around the World

  • From dogs to penguins, these animal restaurants are the weirdest.

These are the weirdest animal restaurants so if you’re an animal lover, chances are there’s an animal café of your dreams.  Would you dine with cats or flying squirrels if you had the chance?

Izakaya Kayabuki-Japan

This monkey waiter restaurant is just that. The restaurant description states “The Kayabukiya Tavern is a traditional-style Japanese ‘sake-house’ restaurant located in the city of Utsunomiya, north of Tokyo, Japan.” However the second half is the weirdest, saying, ““The tavern’s owner, Kaoru Otsuka, owns two pet macaque monkeys who are currently employed to work at the location.”

Reviewers and comments speak of the efficiency and skill of the simian service when dining in the restaurant. These dapper monkeys are dressed in kimono attire and ask only to be tipped in soya beans. This is definitely one of the weirdest animal restaurants but with reviews like that, let’s go!

Dog Café-South Korea

The city of Seoul launched a dog café, similar to a cat café, but the animals are awake during the day. (You know, because cats sleep a lot.) Studies have shown that petting dogs can actually be therapeutic and significantly reduce a person’s stress.

Bau House has a collections of different dogs to satisfy any and every dog lover. Dog owners are also encouraged to bring their pets with, to mingle with the others guests, of both the human and canine variety.

Miscellaneous Pet Café

This pet café located in Hanoi, Vietnam has all the animals you would like to dine with least. In this “one of a kind” pet café, customers can hold, touch, kiss or completely avoid animals like iguanas, flying squirrels, rats, snakes and hedgehogs. There’s even tarantulas. So, would you eat here? This is the weirdest animal restaurants of all time.

Purrrfect Cat Café

You can find cat cafes in Italy, France, Britain and even the United States. But the ultimate cat café is the one in Penang, all because of it’s name. Malaysia had dubbed itself the Purrrfect Cat Café. Sounds like every cat lovers dream.

Penguin Café

You don’t have to visit a penguin’s natural habitat to see them,but you do have to travel to Tokyo, Japan. The Pengin no Itu Baa literally means “The Bar in Which Penguins Are Present.” Customers can waddle right up to these birds through the glass or even help in feeding them dead fish at dinnertime. What’s that? You want to selfie with a penguin? You can do that here, too. This is one of the weirdest animal restaurants but how fun!

Bunny Café

It seems that Tokyo, Japan, has all the weirdest animal restaurants you could experience. And another is this bunny café. Some shops let the bunnies run around while others are more strict, even going as far as to keeping the bunnies in a separate room. Which ultimately turns a bunny café into a bunny pet shop, that also has ice cream and cookies.

So, is it the Bunny Café for you or do you want to  be super brave and visit the Miscellaneous Pet Café? These are the weirdest animal restaurants around the world, and there may be one near you!