Thirsty Pigeon Drinks From a Drinking Fountain With Help From Man

  • Also known as a bubbler. Well, if you’re from Wisconsin that is.

If someone is thirsty, you give them a glass of water. And if there’s a thirsty pigeon, then you help him get a drink.

Or at least, this NYC man did.

This now-viral video captures Steven Pesantez watching a very happy (and very thirsty pigeon,) guzzle water from the Staten Island ferry terminal. His friend who shot the video is heard saying, “He was waiting for you!” in the background.

Pesantez and his friend, Mariel Mitkowski, were waiting for the ferry when they spotted this pigeon in need of a drink. The thirsty pigeon was sitting on top of the fountain.

“We joked about how he was just waiting there for someone to help him out, then we decided it would be funny to record me going over to him and helping out!” he said.

The pigeon wanted a drink of water, and the guys knew it. “It seemed like he was enjoying it!” Pesantez recalled. “He wasn’t taking a bath, so I’m pretty sure he was indulging in some of NYC’s finest tap water.”

He’s just glad that the story is resonating with people. “I’m just stoked that the world is getting to share this wholesome moment in a time where there is so much craziness,” he continued

According to the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan, there are ‘credible reports’ that pigeons sipping on the fountain at Staten Island ferry is actually a ‘regular phenomenon.’

Pigeons are smarter than people think they are and have obviously figured out a clever way to get a drink when they need and want it. A 2015 study by the Journal cognition found that pigeons are able to learn to sort 128 photos into categories like baby, tree, flower, dog, and cracker.

Some people worry about the sanitary issue when it comes to the birds standing in the fountain, but it turns out we’ve got it wrong about that, too. Pigeons are cleaner than we think they are and ornithologist Paul Sweet says that “pigeons are quite clean,” and they help clean up waste left by us humans.

It sounds like they’re cleaner than we are!



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