The Oddest Things People Search for Online

There is no doubt that internet technology and advancements in the field have changed our lives for the better. We now rely on this type of technology in both our daily personal and working lives. People go online these days for everything, from accessing information at PeopleFinders through to ordering the weekly grocery shopping.

However, it seems that people do not just use the internet for everyday tasks and information. In fact, over the years people have gone online for all sorts of purposes, and a number of odd searches have been carried out online. In this article, we will look at a few of the oddest searches that people have carried out online.

Some of the Top Odd Searches

Most of us go online each day to search for something or another, but usually, it is something pretty mundane. It’s surprising to learn some of the odd searches people have carried out online, with a number of lists that have been compiled from online search data. So, let’s take a look at some of the strangest ones.

We don’t really have an idea about why the people who made these searches asked these particular questions online. So, it isn’t really possible to provide an explanation or background behind each of these searches. However, we can provide you with details of the searches, so you can see for yourself the type of weird questions that have been asked by people going online and using Google. As a result of people asking these questions and conducting these searches online, some of them come up as search suggestions when you start typing a sentence into the Google search bar. So, here goes… 

  •         “Our pets heads are falling off” – this comes up as a suggestion when you type the words “our pet” into the Google search bar. 
  •         If you put in the words “are there people who” one of the  top suggestions is “are there people who are sexually attracted to Pokeman.” 
  •         When you type “does your v” into Google search bar, one of the suggestions is “does your virginity grow back” 
  •         Try typing “I hate it when I” into the search bar, and one of the many odd suggestions is “I hate it when I am studying, and a velociraptor throws bananas at me.” 
  •         When you start typing the words “can Jesus” into Google, the top suggestion is “Can Jesus microwave a burrito.” 
  •         By typing in ‘what’s a boyfriend’ in Google, one of the top suggestions is ‘what’s a boyfriend and where can I download one.’ 
  •         Perhaps you have Googled “how to raise your IQ.” If so, one of the suggestions is “how to raise your IQ by eating gifted children.” 
  •         Try typing in “what would happen if I” and one of the suggestions is “what would happen if I hire two private investigators to follow each other.”

So, there we have it – this is just a small selection of the many odd searches people have carried out on Google, resulting in a variety of very odd suggestions coming up.

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