The Naked Man Found in Two Chicken Coops Has Been Arrested

  • Would you even want to be naked in a chicken coop?

What do a car, dog, ax, and chicken coop have in common? In this case, a naked Florida man.

This man was said to have stole a car, killed a dog and maybe some chickens, and chased a man down with an ax. For his grand finale, he was found naked in a chicken coop. Well, two.

John Mehne, 25, was arrested by the New York State Police after a call was made about his car. The call was regarding an Audi, parked facing the wrong direction on Interstate 81 about three miles from the Pennsylvania border.

Once upon the scene, investigators discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Sarasota, Florida. Mehne was said to have been driving the Audi when he crashed into the guardrail.

He tried to hop on the back of a van, but couldn’t. He jumped onto the back of a pickup truck and before they pulled over, Mehne was able to flee into the woods.

It wasn’t until later that day that they found Mehne. A man “came home from work and found Mehne in his chicken coop.” Then he called the state police.

When asked what he was doing, Mehne supposedly said he was “killing the chickens.” Mehne then chased the man with an ax and stole the guys ATV.

He rode off and then eventually abandoned the ATV. Soon after, the police received another call that there was a naked man in a chicken coop. When they arrived, they arrested Mehne on the spot. Mehne was bitten by a police K-9 officer in the process.

Later, authorities learned that Mehne had allegedly broke into a home in the area and killed the family dog. After treatment at the hospital, Mehne was booked and remanded at the Broome County Jail without bail. 

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