These Summer Jobs Are Odd But Awesome

If you need a job this summer, now is the time to look! And why not do something different? Here are some  awesome summer jobs.

Make/sell cold drinks

It’s like a new age lemonade stand. But you can do whatever you like! Mix fruit juices together or combine lemonade and tea. You can freeze the different juices in ice cube trays as a way to keep  the drinks cold and even sell baked goods or homemade snacks. Don’t want to put in too much extra work, just want to make some extra cash? Buy 12 packs or 24 packs of water, juice, or even soda and resell them as singles.

Dog walking

Dog walking is great to help out pet owners who don’t love walking, and to get in a walk yourself. There are websites that cater towards this. There are also ads on craigslist and that you can find for dog sitting, walking, and even dog play dates. If you really want to make this a good gig, find a bunch of people in the same area and walk all the dogs at once.

Camp counselor

School is out in the summertime and this means that kiddos need something to do. And summer camp it is. Want to spend time outside, engaging with, and playing fun games with a bunch of kids? You should be a camp counselor. The younger you are, the more fun you will have. Plus, you will be able to relate with the kids, too. Then again, if you’re a forever kid at heart like some of us, you will love spending time with kids no matter how old you are.


Don’t wanna play but still wanna hang out with kids? You could be a tutor! These jobs are everywhere and the schedule is very flexible. Plus, the pay is usually pretty good. And if there isn’t any tutoring available in your area, you could always find something online. Skype works great for online face time and connects you with people all over the world.

Movie theater

Not only do you get the chance to view movies for free sometimes, but you will see what good stuff is coming out, too. Pay isn’t too high at movie theaters but the cleaning and selling of tickets and concessions is easy and pretty fun.

Fireworks stands

Want the biggest bang for your buck? Work at these stands just before, during, and after the 4th of July. People are all about the fireworks around this time of year and the more you sell, the more you make. Plus, you can buy some of your own to enjoy your 4th, too.


If you would rather spend the bright, hot summers indoors, an arcade would be the darkest and coolest place to work. Lots of dinging bells and air conditioning pumping in, arcades are full of games, snacks and drinks. Sometimes you can play for free or get discounted rates too, and who doesn’t want those kind of perks.


If you work as a lifeguard at a resort, you could work inside or outside. You will have to pass a swimming test first and be prepared to spend a lot of time in a swimsuit. Don’t expect to be on your phone though, as you need to be vigilant and constantly watching the water. If you do well during the summer, you may be invited to work year around.

Make and sell jewelry

Want to start off on your own? Making crafts such as jewelry is a great start. You can sell them at craft fairs, on Etsy, or even at different shows or conventions. You could also sell knit things, blankets, clothes or hats and so much more.


No matter your sex, there are lots of things people need done around their houses that they don’t want to be doing themselves. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, repainting the old fence, or helping to hang the laundry on the line, there is always something to be done.

What do you plan to do with your summer? Maybe you have more work that you know what to do with. You could always have someone become your personal assistant. That would help you free up your summer and help someone else make the most of their summer, too. Make sure to enjoy your summer no matter what you’re doing!