Awesome and Cool Kitchen Tools You Will Have to Try

Do you love to cook and always want to be in the kitchen crafting up new recipes? If so, these awesome and fun kitchen tools are just for you!


This juicer is handheld and works great. Just cut your lemon, lime, orange, or other citrus fruit in half and place, flesh down, into the circular part of the juicer. It looks like you’re “doing it wrong” but when your seed and pulp freely flows into your container, you will love it. This tool may seem to work weirdly, but it’s great. You’ll never need another juicer again.

Condiment Dispenser


Memorial Day is just around the corner and that just means there is more summer fun to be had. And this equals more parties and times to eat. And you know what you need for that? A condiment dispenser, in the shape of a gun, with red and yellow (ketchup and mustard) colors. That’s what you need for BBQ’s this summer. Reviewers on Amazon say that it’s easy to fill up with product. Just use a little soap and water on a clean, fresh toothbrush to easily clean it out. They also say that these are kid friendly and super fun.

Avocado Cutter

This three in one tool is awesome and it works great. First use the fork-like, serrated edge to cut to avocado in two, lengthwise. Next unscrew the two halves and while you’re holding one half in one of your hands, use your other hand and this tool to get the pit out. The sharp, edged circular part of this tool is perfect to get the pit out. Lastly, you use the slotted part against the inner skin and you get perfect avocado slices. If you love avocados (because who doesn’t these days?) you will love this avocado tool!

Bacon Press


Yes! As a fan of very crispy bacon, this heavy bacon press is perfect to crisp every last bite for the “best cooked bacon” lover in you, too. Once you get your bacon into the pan and sizzling away, you want to lay this bacon press into the pan, and completely cover the bacon. As expected, it presses down on the bacon to keep each slice flat. When your bacon is done, you will have full length, crispy slices of bacon. Yum.


If you love zoodles, this will be your new favorite kitchen gadget. Just cut one of the ends off of you zucchini and slowly twist the zucchini into the end you prefer. This tool has a thin side and a thick side, so you can choose your favorite. This tool is easy to use and makes making zoodles super quick.

Pot Strainer


Yes! This has got to be the best. You know when you are boiling something, potatoes, pasta or bagged rice, and you need to strain it? So you go looking for the strainer (hopefully it’s clean and you don’t have to wash it) and then you get it out and then you drain your food through it. But make sure it doesn’t tip! Make sure you don’t pour any food outside of the strainer! That’s why this product is so weird but so great. You just hook it to the side of your pan and strain away. No extra dishes to get out and no chance of losing the food. Ok, well less of a chance.

Electronic Wine Opener

These space age, chic, and shiny looking kitchen tools are becoming more and more popular these days. People want sleek equipment and new-age appliances and this automatic electronic wine opener is just that. Just place the open circle on the top of the wine bottle where the cork is and hold then down button. It will go all the way in and then slowly pull the cork out for you! After you have opened the wine, push the button up and hold your hand under the opener. The cork will fall into your hand as soon as it comes out of the opener. Yay.

These kitchen tools and gadgets are awesome. They work great, are fun, and are useful to have around the kitchen. Which one is your favorite?