Police Find Out Who Was Really Behind This Domestic Dispute

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Parrots are awesome, aren’t they? I mean, who doesn’t want a pet that can talk? Plus you can teach it fun words or phrases. How cool is that?

Plus they are beautiful to look at and birds can be fun pets. But not everyone feels this way.

And sometimes we don’t want pets that can talk. Take it from a man from Loerrach, Germany. He didn’t want to talk to the bird at all, in fact, he said the bird was very annoying.

So annoying, that the 22-year-old and the parrot would fight. And fight a lot. So much so, that the police were called.

(Getty Images)

Yes, the police. Because a man and a bird were fighting. When police arrived on scene, they were flabbergasted when what they thought was a domestic disturbance was nothing more than a man, yelling at a parrot.

The neighbor had heard shouting from the place next door and called the police. And that was that. According to the neighbor who called the police, the dispute was loud and had been going on for a long time.

When the police went to the apartment Monday, the man was heated and ranting to the bird, who is a pet of his girlfriends. The parrot was “yelling” back and making loud sounds of its own.

It turns out that this parrot cannot talk but it can bark like a dog. But what had happened? The man said the bird had ruffled his feathers and he took his rage out on the animal in a shouting match.

The bird was not hurt and neither was the man. Does the girlfriend fight with this barking parrot, too?

If this isn’t an odd domestic dispute story, then your neighbors must be off, too.


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