Check The Roof Of Your Vehicle Before You Drive It

  • Because your cat may be clinging for dear life and you should save it.

Remember that cat you saw clinging to the roof of the van while it zoomed down the freeway last week? Well, it lived. In fact, it’s safe and sound.

If you didn’t see the video clip on social media, this is what happened. A van was traveling down an Omaha, Nebraska freeway and what onlookers perceived to be the family cat was clinging to the top of the vehicle.

Once social media got a hold of it, you know it went viral. And you want to know the best part about this story? The cat’s name is Rebel. Awesome.

According to its owner, Rebel walked away from the ordeal injury free. The vehicle was only driving for about two miles down the interstate when the cat was spotted and the driver of the van was alerted to the situation.

Ronda Rankin was the one who shot the video of the cat as she drove past it on the freeway that day. You can hear Rankin’s daughter exclaim, “That’s a cat,” in the background.

“We were going 60 miles an hour,” Rankin said later. “There was nothing on that roof for that cat to hold onto. So I have no idea how it was staying up there.”

As soon as Rankin alerted Criger about the cat, they were able to pull over and bring Rebel into safety. She was thankful Rankin let her know what was happening so she could pull her kitty back into the car.

Criger checks the top and underneath of the van now whenever she leaves the house. She wants to be sure Rebel keeps out of trouble (and skips the roadtrips.)


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