Passengers Compare Landing to Roller Coaster Ride

  • And apparently, this is a pretty regular occurrence.

Passengers of a British Airline flight experienced a roller coaster ride on Monday when strong winds caused the aircraft to sway drastically as it attempted its landing. The flight was from London to Gibraltar International Airport but it had been diverted to nearby Malaga, Spain. It was able to land there safely.

“As we approached the Rock, I could not see any clouds but the flight took a little dip and all of a sudden it was like it was out of control,” passenger Ramesh Samtani said. “The plane was swinging from left to right and all you could hear were people shouting and screaming. It was very scary and people were shouting ‘Oh my god’ and praying.”

Eli Hasset feared for his life, too. I was thinking of my kids and my wife.”

However, Kristis Bubnells, another passenger painted a much calmer picture of the scene of the aircraft and had footage to back it up. “There was not a single cry, there were no screams. I was in seat 16C, all I heard was laughter from my fellow teammates about how much the flight resembled a roller coaster.”

The landing was very shaky, even for Gibraltar. “Being where we are we see a lot of the landings, but never one as rough as that,” the person who shot the footage and did not want to be named. “Glad that I wasn’t on it!”

Gibraltar routinely makes lists of airports that gives some extra thrills to its passengers. The airport is known for high winds and having a highway that bisects its runway and has to be closed for each aircraft that comes in. The airport claims that the online articles dramatize how “dangerous” the airport really is.

According to the airport’s website, “Landing in Gibraltar is no different or riskier than landing at any other airport.”

However, there are plans in the works for the typical high winds and and low visibility conditions. But they used it in this case and the flight had to be diverted to Malaga Airport and the passengers were transported to Gibraltar via bus. Whew, what a landing!

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