Naked News Cast is a “Sign of the Times,” The Corona Times, That is

  • But the people love it, and we all know that "sex sells."

We’re all at home these days, for the most part. People are working from home, kids are “going to school” from home, and most of the US in under strict stay-at-home orders. Life looks a lot different than it did and people are going on camera more than ever.

Even American Idol is set to start “remotely.” They want to air it as planned, complete with Ryan Seacrest hosting, contestants, singing, and judges judging, all from their homes.

Whether it’s for work or to catch up with friends, video everything is the way of the world right now. And for this couple, we got to see more than we paid for. Ha.

Melina Meza is a California-based news reporter, and she, too, has been reporting from home. She works for KCRA 3 out of Sacramento.

As this pandemic continues, even news shows have been put “online” with anchors working from home as well. Because these news segments are broadcast, some people are getting photobombed as it were, or at least a little embarrassed for unplanned things showing up into their video feed.

Meza was doing a piece about styling hair during this lock down when someone else could be seen in the background. And because they were in the shower, that someone was wearing their birthday suit.

She must be a bit more than embarrassed about the show, but, viewers love it.

The outline figure of a man- believed to be her husband- can be made out over her shoulder as she talks. The clip of course has been shared across all of social media.

Comments from people range from, “Damn why she wanna work when she’s got all that at home?” to “Now that’s a blooper.”

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last case of “accidental” viewing with so many “tv people” having to work from home. How fun, I say, bring on the bloopers!

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