Message in a Bottle Sent Out To Sea is Returned to Sender

  • Literally, someone found it and let her know. Here's the story.

You know in the old days when you would watch a movie and there was a message in a bottle theme. Ya, those movies were something different. The times were different, too.

But what if it wasn’t a movie and you put a real life message in a bottle? And then you threw it into the sea?

Romantics would picture someone finding it, being inspired, and it changing the world. Cynics would say it would say it’s lost, damaged, or forever gone.

But what if someone did find it, and got it to the someone who wrote it? That’s what happened here.

A woman threw a bottle into the sea with a message in it, and it was returned to her 17 years later. Emily Edwards was 7 when she was vacationing in Wales when she wrote a note to her future self and tossed it into the ocean.

She forgot about the bottle until a runner named Sam Hammond found it almost 60 miles away from where she had ‘dropped’ it, way back then. When she opened it, she could hardly believe it.

The ink was faded but her name and address (at the time she wrote it) were still legible. Hammond’s mom Sue Cookson said that her son found the bottle and thought it would be fun to find and return it to the sender.

The note was posted to social media and Edwards was stunned. “I phoned my dad looking for confirmation that I wasn’t going mad, but he confirmed that I did send the message as a 7-year-old. Can’t get my head around how it hasn’t been picked up as litter or anything like that,” she said.

Edwards hopes to repeat the message in a bottle with her own daughter. “It’s a brilliant story to tell my little girl when she’s older and we can try doing the same when she understands a bit more and hopefully maybe hers will come back one day,” she explained.

A found message in a bottle is odd, but good, news.

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