Fat-Shaming Woman Is Removed From Flight

  • But not before she offended the people around her, one last time.

Well all know how cramped, stuffy, and close planes are for flights. It’s hard enough to fit for all of us, and for this woman, it was impossible. But had she not been fat-shaming, she could have simply had another seat assigned to her.

She was sitting in the center seat of a United Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Newark New Jersey when she was removed from the plane. She didn’t have a bomb or a gun, just a fat-shaming mouth.

The incident occurred on New Years Day, just before takeoff.  A video was taken and of course went viral. Because what else happens these days?

Norma Rodgers, an oncology nurse, was seated next to the fat-shamer. The unidentified passenger in the center seat was talking on her cellphone at the time of the fat-shaming.

She was complaining that she was stuck between Rogers and her traveling companion. Rogers asked the flight attendant to find the lady another seat on the plane, stating that she would not “not be verbally abused by this bitch or anybody else.”

The woman had said, “I can’t sit here because they’re both so big. Left and right. I can’t even sit here.”

The flight attendant offered the woman another seat, but not before she got in one more dig. As she stood up she announced, “I eat salad.”

The woman’s seat mates weren’t the only ones offended on the flight. Jonathan Fernandez of the VH1 reality show, “Love & Hip Hop New York,” was also on the flight. He told the woman she was disgusting.

“Why don’t you sit in between those two big pigs?” the woman replied.

The airlines removed the woman from the flight before it took off. They said in a statement that they provided her with “alternate travel arrangements first thing the next morning.”


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