Man Jumps From Cruise Ship And Is Banned For Life

  • And lucky to be alive.

You know in Titanic when Rose tries to jump of the ship (to commit suicide,) and Jack doesn’t let her. But mostly he convinces her ‘not to’ because of how icy-cold the water is? Well, this is another case of a jumper, from a cruise ship.

His story is a little different though.

This man decided to jump into the ocean from his 11th-floor balcony.  But, he hopes that others aren’t inspired to do the same, based off of his actions.

Nick Naydev of Vancouver Washington was on a cruise and posted a video of himself jumping into the ocean, and shark-infested waters. He was not seriously injured, surprisingly on either count, but he did say that he could ‘barely walk’ for three days following the jump.

The main damage was financial according to Navdev. He and his friends were kicked off the cruise ship in the Bahamas, after his jumping stunt. He had to shell out an additional $200.00 for a plane ticket home from Nassau.

It was only a 10-second stunt but it got him and his friends banned for life.

“This was stupid and reckless behavior, and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again. We are exploring legal action.”

Naydev said that he didn’t really think about the risks before jumping. “Nothing was really going through my mind. I’m like, ‘I gotta do this,’ and just two seconds later, I just jumped and didn’t really think it through,” he admitted.

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Of course, alcohol may have been involved. “The previous night we were drinking quite a bit, so I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol,” he added.

He finished by saying, “I hope I don’t inspire anybody to do this because it is very dangerous. I mean, don’t think this is a joke.”

The guy who recorded the incident however said that he’s disappointed in how Royal Caribbean handled the incident, and he clearly doesn’t seem to get the point.

“He’s jumped from those kind of heights before, and we didn’t really care about the consequences with the cruise company,” he explained. “We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral.”

And that, you did. Cheers.


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