If You Love Dinosaurs, This Odd Hotel Is For You

  • And the staff will be some of your favorites.

Do you love dinosaurs? Maybe you want to be checked into a hotel by one. And by one, I mean a dinosaur.

If you visit Japan, then your dream will come true. That is, if you want to be checked into your hotel by a dinosaur.

A Japenese hotel in east Tokyo has receptionists that are dinosaurs and they run the show. They also speak four languages and can help you in Japanese, English, Korean, or Chinese.

Because they are not actually real and not even costumes on real people, they “check you in” by way of a tablet system. But they are even dressed the part, with bellboy hats and all.

The robot dinosaurs are able to detect guests’ motion when they approach and bellow out “Welcome.” They also gesture with their long arms, you know, to make them more human like. Err, more dinosaur like.

The dinosaurs are obviously preprogrammed, and the welcome to the guests is a part of it. “If you want to check in, push one,” the dinosaur says. The guest has to push a button in the desk and type in information on a touch panel screen.

Yet despite the entertainment and fun of it all, the manager of the hotel says that some people are unnerved by the new workers. “We haven’t quite figured out when exactly the guests want to be served by people, and when it’s okay to be served by robots,” Yukio Nagai has said.

This isn’t the only robotic element to the hotel. Not only is the front desk automated, but the trolley to take the luggage to  your room is also robotic, along with most of the rest of the hotel.

(Shizuo Kambayashi/AP)

Not only are the robotics helping the hotel save on labor, but they are also using technology and are very efficient.  This is cool, for some at least, but definitely odd news.


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