Oddest New Guiness Book of World Records Winners

  • Because 2019 has a bunch of new ones that you will love.

We all love the Guiness Book of World Records. It’s cool to see the feats of some awesome people and it’s all around weird, and we all love weird.

The book just came out with its 2019 edition and these are just some of the greatness you have to look forward to.

Most Body Modifications

Back in 2010, Rolf Bucholz of Dortmund Germany was named the World’s Most Pierced Male. But to trump that, the new Guiness book also says that he’s the man with the Most Body Modifications. He has 516 of these modifications between piercings and implants. Damn.

Longest Time Controlling A Soccer Ball With The Soles While On The Roof Of A Moving Car

Yes, this is something that gets you a spot in the Guiness book, just like Ash Randall. This UK man was able to balance and control a soccer ball with his feet while on the hood of a moving car. He did this for 93 seconds.

Most Powdered Donuts Eaten in 1 Minute

If you love donuts, then maybe you should take this challenge on. If you think you can beat Kevin Strahle then you should give it a try. He was able to eat 9 powdered donuts in 60 seconds. Think you can beat that?

Fastest 50M Time Done While Skating On Hands

This is a feat that most of us probably didn’t even realize was really possible, much less on a competitive level. But a German proved that it can be done, and it can be done fast. Mirko Hansen can skate 50 meters in 8.55 seconds, and it’s all done on his hands. Well done, Hansen, well done.

Balancing a Guitar on your Forehead

This amazing, tiring, and all together unbelievable record is held by Josh Horton. He was able to balance a guitar on top of his forehead, and head, for 7 minutes and 3.9 seconds. What other records can beat that?

Most Dice Balanced on a Cats Paw

Because the animals want to get into the records book, too. And oh have they. This cat named Bibi is from Malaysia and can balance nine dice on its paw. Beat that!

These are only a few of the new things that came out in the 2019 edition of this book. Odd news it is. Odd and awesome.

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