When a Kiss Can Save Your Life

  • Because sometimes love is what will save you in this life.

First kisses can be romantic and sweet. Sometimes, they can be awkward and clearly the worst of first kisses. (Kisses grow better over time anyhow.) But did a kiss ever save your life?

It’s not everyday that a kiss saves your life, but sometimes, it does. Last October, 56-year-old Max Montgomery took Dr. Andi Traynor out paddle boarding.

They were off of Santa Cruz beach when Montgomery suddenly felt burning in his chest and was exhausted. He got out of the water and almost immediately fell to the ground.

Lucky for him, Traynor was an anesthesiologist based out of Palo Alto, and she knew CPR. She performed CPR until the medics were able to arrive and take him to the hospital.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything other than taking care of him,” Traynor said. Doctors confirmed that his heart had stopped beating for 17 minutes before they were able to get a defibrillator on him.

Because this situation was so serious, their first kiss lacked romance, but was caught on camera. Montgomery is thankful for this.

According to Alexander Baker, the one who recorded said first kiss, “His first kiss was, they call it, the kiss of life.”

Montogomery underwent coronary bypass surgery the very next day and said to Traynor that he understood if she didn’t want to keep seeing him. “But she told me she was not going anywhere,” he recalled.

The two are still going strong and have decided to start a nonrofit together. They call it Paddle4Good, which helps create adventurous activities for people  with physical or developmental needs.

And to end the story on a sweet not, the couple got a redo on their first kiss. “A few weeks after his surgery he was recuperating and we were on the beach just talking. I said, ‘You can kiss me for real now.’” And so he did.

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