Have You Ever Seen A Bear In A Hotel Lobby?

  • If you are staying in Colorado, it could happen.

What do you expect from a hotel lobby? A nice, comfy chair, in case you have to wait for your baggage or a ride? Maybe some fruit-flavored water and some extra cups? Maybe even a bowl of fresh and grabable fruit for a quick snack?

What about a bear? What if you saw one in the lobby? Would you expect that? I know it would sure scare the hell out of me.

The Stanley Hotel wasn’t expecting a bear either but that was what happened. And in the lobby. Yike.


This Colorado hotel was surprised when this guy crawled his way through the lobby. But, if you can believe it, this isn’t even the scariest thing about this hotel.

What was? Well, do you like scary movies? Because if you do, and you get a good look at the hotel, you may notice that it’s the scene of the famous, and scary movie, The Shining.

With a bear in the lobby and it’s famous background as a horror movie set, would you still want to stay in this hotel? It may be even cooler, for all you know!

And imagine the ghosts, ghouls, or other big and scary wildlife you could run into. The bear had a little fun, climbing on the tables and eventually made its way through the foyer.

“Late night visitor from the wildside visits our hotel lobby. We’ll make an exception to the rule about jumping on the furniture,” the hotel posted on Facebook.

The overnight hotel employee who caught the animal on camera said it left as soon as it arrived. Hotel manager Reed Rowley said it happened overnight Wednesday and that no guests were around.

(CBS Pittsburgh)

“We do have a hotel next to a national park,” Rowley explained. “Wildlife is part of the gig.”

The hotel tries to be as respectful as possible to the area and the surrounding wildlife but it also never wants its guests to encounter any wildlife, and most especially a big black bear.

The hotel is working with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to achieve that goal. How would you feel if you and this large animal were in the lobby, would it be unbearable? (Bear pun.)


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