Lost Engagement Ring Found in the Toilet 21 Years Later

Did you ever lose something (an engagement ring) you really wish you could find again? Well, it could take 21 years but you may find it.

Or at least that’s what happened to this couple.

Nick Day proposed to his then girlfriend, Shaina, 21 years ago with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The day before the wedding, the symbol of Nick’s love to his Shaina, went down the toilet. As in, it fell in.

“She came to me one day and said ‘I think I lost my ring.’ She said ‘it was on the counter now it’s gone and I think I may have flushed it down the toilet on accident.’” Nick recalled.

The couple searched and searched, even got a little dirty, in hopes to find the ring. “I climbed down into the septic tank so we could pump every bit of it through a strainer to try to find it. No luck,” Shaina said.

But then last month, Renee, Nick’s mother, hired a local plumber to replace her toilet, and low and behold. He found the ring.

“He said ‘do you think it’s Shaina’s ring?’ and I looked at it again and I went ‘oh my God yes!’” said Nick’s mom, Renee.

This diamond needed a good cleaning but it sure goes to show that diamonds last forever. Nick’s mom and dad wrapped the ring and placed it under the tree as a Christmas surprise.

“They brought this out. It was wrapped up in a little Christmas bag so we opened it up and both of us knew exactly what it was,” Nick added.

“It was kind of an ugly cry. I sat there and I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is my ring. This is my ring.’ I’m wiping my eyes and mascara is going everywhere,” Shaina said.

The couple has yet to decide if they will add the diamond to a new piece of jewelry or pass it on for a future generation. The couple says they learned a valuable lesson and also Nick says, “Check your toilets when you lose things.”