London Doctors Perform Unwanted Vaginectomy – Faced Only Suspension

  • Sounds like a God Complex to me.

Photo by JAFAR AHMED on Unsplash

Two doctors lost their licenses after doing an irreversible surgery without consent. What was it? A vagina removal.

London Doctors

Dr. Marco Capece and Dr. Giulo Garaffa both work at Highgate Private Hospital in London. They found the doctors guilty of irreversible surgery on a transgender man. The unidentified patient, simply called Patient A, said he went in for two other procedures in his gender assignment process.

The Patients Story

The doctors were to first perform a hysterectomy, which is a procedure to remove a uterus. Following the hysterectomy, they were to perform  metoidioplasty, which is a procedure to give a person born with female genitals a penis. He claims he never gave permission to have a vaginectomy, a surgery to remove all or part of the vagina. However, a week later he noticed the vagina removal. He described the procedure as ‘unwanted’ and a ‘profound impact in all aspects of his life including his mental well-being.’

Capece was accused of altering a form to say that the patient gave his consent. Garaffa performed the procedure without checking whether the man wanted the operation or not. Capece was suspended for a year and Garaffa was suspended for 5 months.


Tim Bradbury, who sat on and spoke for the tribunal, said, “(Dr. Garaffa) relinquished his responsibility as the operating surgeon. He did so ensure that his patient had consented to the operation he intended to perform. His failures were serious and numerous.

The consequences of these failures were grave. Patient A underwent life-changing and irreversible surgery which they did not want. Fundamentally and self-evidently, Dr. Garaffa should have reviewed Patient A’s medical notes before commencing surgery.

It is significant that having amended the consent form Dr. Capece did not admit his wrongdoing despite numerous opportunities to do so. Either subsequent to Patient A’s complaint, during the investigation or in the course of this hearing. He has maintained what the Tribunal has found to be a false narrative.’