Idaho 11 Yr Old Brings Loaded AR-15 To Panel Hearing To Prove How Responsible She Is

  • Where is she going conceal her AR-15?

Photo by Vladimir Palyanov on Unsplash

Idaho’s gun legislation hearing was the 24th. An 11-year-old girl brought her AR to help her grandfather speak out.

A Gun Legislation

Bailey Nielsen, accompanied her grandfather, Charles Nielsen, to gun legislation hearing in the capital of Idaho on the 24th. Charles spoke to a House panel at the Idaho Statehouse in support of legislation that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally possess firearms to carry concealed handguns in urban areas.

“Bailey is carrying a loaded AR-15. People live in fear, terrified of that which they do not understand. She’s been shooting since she was 5. She got her first deer with this weapon at 9. Bailey carries it responsibly. She knows how not to put her finger on the trigger. We live in fear in a society that this fed fear on a daily basis. When they (nonresidents) come to Idaho, they should be able to carry concealed, because they carry responsibly. They’re law-abiding citizens. It’s the criminals we have to worry about,” Charles told lawyers.

The Opponents

Idaho permits RESIDENTS who are at least 18 and older to carry a concealed handgun within city limits in the state without a permit following a new law that went into place last summer. People disagree, saying that this is dangerous.

Republican Rep. Christy Zito said: “I stand here before you today as a mother and grandmother who has had to use a firearm to defend their child,” as she recounted when two men once approached her vehicle with her daughter inside. “Even though I didn’t have to pull the trigger, just the fact that they could see it, and they knew that I had it, was the determining factor.”

“The vast majority of states require that a person get a permit before carrying a concealed gun in public,” Diana David spoke for Moms Demand Action, an organization that seeks public safety measures to protect people from gun violence. “That’s a common-sense policy.”


It’s unclear what letting a child openly carry a loaded AR-15 is to convince people of. Especially in context of concealed carry. Is taking a loaded AR-15, wielded by child, into a government building somehow supposed to convince the panel of responsibility? Letting a child, no matter how responsible, tote around a semi-automatic rifle with no intended purpose other than to send a message doesn’t really scream ‘responsible decision maker’.